Hideo Kojima talks to Mamoru Oshii on his podcast

Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions presented the new episode of Brain Structure, the Japanese master’s Spotify podcast presented to the world and in which he talks about various subjects that fascinate him and not only video games.

The latest episode, available today, is the first part of a conversation with Mamoru Oshii, another Japanese legend responsible for animation references like Ghost in the Shell.

Kojima says that “we’re both moviegoers, in the 80s we couldn’t move the images in Japanese animation and games. How do you create without moving the images? We’re talking about the same starting point.”

His Brain Structure is Kojima’s second podcast on Spotify, but unlike the first, it’s featured worldwide and there’s a Japanese version along with an English one.

Thus, everyone will be able to hear the Japanese genius share his ambition for video games and his influences on other entertainment media, from books to cinema to anime.

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