The premiere of Le Monde à l’envers on TVA provokes a ton of reactions

The premiere of Le monde à l’envers was broadcast live on Friday evening on TVA.

Stéphan Bureau, who is in charge of animation, was accompanied by actor Fabien Cloutier, who was present as a guest personality.

Following the broadcast, many comments were written on the show’s Facebook page.

In general, viewers seem to have appreciated this new addition to the TVA schedule.

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They hatched liked the exchanges – sometimes strong – between the guests, the role played by Stéphan Bureau as host as well as the time when the program is broadcast.

Regarding the negative points, some people criticized certain cacophonous moments and the fact that the right to speak is not always respected.

Yasmine Abdelfadel holds the attention of several people during the show. Sometimes she seems to get too carried away and doesn’t let others have their say.

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Notably, the fact that the first show mostly approaches politics bothered a few.

Cell says viewers gave good feedback overall – for this premiere on Quebecor’s channel.

With a few tweaks next week, public appreciation should be even stronger.

Le monde à l’envers airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on TVA.

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