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Twenty months after the presentation of Renaulution, the corporate strategic plan that sets the course for each of the brands of the Renault group, the leaders of Dacia say they are ready to move forward and begin a new chapter in its history, which requires a radical change in interactions. brand with customers.

Symbolically, this new chapter began at a meeting held this week in Paris, where Dacia announced the values ​​that will guide the action of the brand and the design of its products in the years to come.

In practice, the brand has already made progress with the adoption of a new logo, a new ‘design’, new colors and the renovation of the image of dealers, to strengthen its power of attraction and become an object of desire, without leaving aside the bet on the cost/benefit ratio.

After all, its objective is based on a series of success stories: in 18 years, by offering its customers only the essentials, Dacia has sold 7.5 million cars and sales to individuals have positioned the brand in 3rd place in Europe.

On the strength of this historic record and this new attitude, the Dacia brand is now more than ever in tune with society, exploring new territories and bringing to the C segment the values ​​and virtues that have propelled it to success in the B-segment.


Therefore, the future models of the range will extend the notion of essential to some intelligent solutions resulting from the changes of time.
This goes for the practical aspects – with innovative advances such as the Media Control system or the modular roof bars, replacing the traditional version sold as an optional accessory. This also applies to the “design”: the look is cool – and it doesn’t cost more!

The creativity goes even further by adding a feature that suggests times and places to take a break from your smartphone app. This new functionality has been developed by the Dacia teams, in partnership with the République Software ecosystem, of which the Renault group is a part.

Another important step, in line with the market trend, is the consolidation of the range with models specifically designed for off-road driving.

In this sense, the brand will continue to offer all-wheel drive systems and equipment designed for outdoor activities, including a ‘kit’, which will be available in 2023, which allows, in a few minutes, to assemble a real double bed on the jogger. model, without emptying the trunk. And a family of four can even pair a tent with the cabin to expand the living space.

The massive use of recycled materials is another priority for Dacia. Thus, 12% of the plastic used today in the Duster model is recycled. The goal, however, is to achieve 20% recycled plastic in the new generation of Duster.

To achieve this, Dacia will use recycled plastic for the invisible parts, which is regularly the case today, and less frequently today for the visible exterior parts.

Dacia started by doing it with the protection plate under the front bumper of the Sandero Stepway, and will take it to the next level, with a new material refined by the brand’s engineers: Starkle, a robust recycled plastic composite. and stylish, eco-friendly.

Business in Paris, invited by Dacia

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