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In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in global interest – including North Americans and Britons – in renewable energy solutions, such as solar. With this in mind, the British company Naked Energy has proposed to invest in an engineering model even more efficient than the alternative systems we know. Its technicians asked themselves “Why not produce energy and heat at the same time? “. This is how the idea of ​​the solar collector tube was born!

In view of the potential of this idea, the new climate law and the American law to reduce inflation, ELM Companies, a specialist in energy storage and microgrids in the United States, is financing the distribution project on the market solar thermal and photovoltaic thermal products. . And these solar vacuum tubes fit into that equation. See below!

vacuum tube - heating and power generation
Image reproduced from Silicon Republic

Know the technology of solar evacuated tubes

These tubes that we mentioned earlier, idea of ​​Naked Energy and called in the market of VirtuPVT, are formed of two layers of glass with a vacuum in the middle, more or less like a thermos bottle. They can be combined with solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technology. Finally, the assembly, made up of absorbing plates inclined at the ideal angle, can be installed on pitched roofs, flat roofs and on building facades – it is architecture that makes the most of light. sunlight for power generation.



vacuum tube - heating and power generation
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vacuum tube - heating and power generation
Image reproduced from WISELIVING
solar vacuum tubes - heating and power generation
Image reproduced from CicloVivo

By the way, these evacuated solar tubes are suitable for buildings with high heat demand, such as multi-family houses, factories and hotels.

Main advantages

Of course, you may be wondering “Why also buy these tubes with the photovoltaic or solar thermal system?”. Well, the manufacturer lists some good reasons:

  • the product can be 4 times more efficient than traditional photovoltaic solar panels, possibly with the highest energy density in the world;
  • it is modular and therefore has a low installation cost;
  • its low-profile design that reduces wind shear;
  • your system would minimize heat loss to the atmosphere, resulting in greater efficiency, even in cold climates.

We must point out that these tubes only heat water up to 90 degrees Celsius. But when combined with solar photovoltaic and solar thermal technology to generate electricity and heat from a single solar collector, that number could be increased. And using all this together has yet another advantage, which is space saving compared to building structures.

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