Two films that inspire Gabriel and François Legaffe

Every Friday morning, on the show I host on QUB Radio, I have fun, with Joseph Facal, who is a die-hard movie buff like me, finding films that stick to the news.

Works by little-known authors, plus big popular hits.

This week, two films come to mind when I think of the blunders committed by Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois and François Legault.


In GND’s case, that would be Austin Powers, a parody of the 1997 James Bond tour with Mike Myers.

Especially the hilarious scene where the evil Dr. Evil (who was frozen in 1967 and reawakened 30 years later) tells his accomplices he has an evil plan.

Stealing a nuclear missile and threatening to destroy the world if we don’t give him right away… A MILLION DOLLARS!

The members of his gang stare at him in disbelief…

“Um, do you mind raising the ransom price a bit?” one of them told him. A million dollars today is nothing. There are companies that make billions in turnover! »

For Dr Evil, who lives as if we were still in the late 1960s, a million dollars is an immense, astronomical, unimaginable sum. More in 1997, well, yes, it’s good, more finally…

I immediately thought of this film when I heard GND say quebec solidaire was going to tax the “ultra-rich”.

What is an ultra-rich according to QS?

A citizen who has assets of the order of… A MILLION DOLLARS!!!! (Add echo for more drama.)

For QS, this figure is gigantic! colossal!

But as my colleague from the Money section Daniel Germain on Wednesday and Mario Dumont made it very clear yesterday, if, after 20 years, you have finished paying for your house, which is now worth $420,000, that you have conscientiously contributed to RRSP , and you have life insurance and a good pension fund, well, chances are you have, yes, a MILLION DOLLAR asset!

You are not an “ultra-rich”. Just a responsible worker who took care of his finances.

More for QS, you are the equivalent of Bill Gates.

Proof that these people are still alive in 1967.


For François Legault, the film that comes to mind is The wages of fearthat Henri-Georges Clouzot visited in 1953.

Yves Montand plays a guy who has to drive a truck full of nitroglycerin through the jungle. He must be super careful, because at the slightest jolt, he jumps!

That’s Legault talking about immigration.

When you venture on super slippery terrain, you two do like Montand and ride at 1 cm/h.

Or, our PM got in his truck and put his foot on the accelerator.

Result: he had only been speaking KABOUM for 15 seconds!

Fortunately, the news is fertile these days.

GND’s gaffe was tamped down by Legault’s blunder which was tamped down by the Queen’s death.

Greetings to the Bell!

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