TikTok denies alleged data leak and says app wasn’t hacked


TikTok representatives have denied that the app had a massive data leak, contrary to what the press reported over the weekend.

TikTok issues two statements to deny data leaks
© Reproduction / DistributionTikTok issues two statements to deny data leaks

A few days ago, the international press reported that TikTok had suffered a serious data leak, revealing the personal information of hundreds of users. Security experts such as BeeHive and news outlets such as Bloomberg confirmed the information, but the Chinese company denied it on Monday (05), and the leak allegedly happened.

In a statement sent to Bloomberg, TikTok explained that the alleged leak is a lie. “Our team investigated these allegations and found no evidence of a security breach,” reads the text sent to the portal. In a separate statement, the company said the data flagged as leaked had no connection to TikTok codes.

“The security team has investigated this statement and has determined that the code in question is not related to TikTok’s backend source code,” reads the second text, indicating that data attributed to the Chinese app may have been retrieved from another app or connected third-party services. to the social network.

In any case, the recommendation of experts is that users of the application activate two-factor authentication, in addition to changing the password to access TikTok, in addition to being aware of suspicious movements in their account in the app.

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