Sébastien Diaz announces great professional news

Sébastien Diaz has just delivered the manuscript of his first novel to his publishing house.

• On the other hand: Always looking for new challenges, Bianca Gervais likes to get out of her comfort zone

• On the other hand: Bianca Gervais makes a first documentary

“It’s a thriller, a horror story that takes place in Quebec.” They’ll get you eventually will be launched next spring.

As Bianca Gervais, his wife, has been busy filming the series Pearls this summer, he spent most of his two-week vacation with their two eight- and four-year-old daughters, Liv and Bowie. “After a while, we still rent the same chalet, which belongs to François Papineau and Bénédicte Décary. They own 112 hectares of land on which their house and the small chalet that we rent are located. Only this year we went there twice. Bianca came to see us whenever she could. Bénédicte and François have become friends. Our children are the same age and they play together. Bénédicte cooks us pizzas and François is very skilful with his dishes. You give me a problem with my cabin, I arrive in the tractor to solve it.

Sébastien also granted himself a five-day getaway to New Orleans Alone with his brother. For that matter, he produces and co-hosts with his wife a special program devoted to Ciné-Cadeau on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of this Télé-Québec holiday tradition.

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• On the other hand: Sébastien Diaz does not close the door to another role on television

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