A tip to save a month and a half of gas increases

I thought about the best way to avoid gas surges in October, especially for those currently at EDP and GALP. Please note that the increases I am referring to are for gas only, as electricity may continue to offer good prices. Only you know the price of the kWh you have. Take the opportunity to compare with the prices of new cheaper contracts this month, to assess whether it is also worth switching to electricity. By the way, if you find a better (cheaper) one, change everything. If you can save in two categories, why would you only save in one?

My concern is how long it will take to switch the gas to the regulated market. In electricity, you can do it right now when you read this article. just go to SU Electricity page and click on “New contract”. But in gas, you will only be able to do this from October 1, exactly the day when the giant prices of several companies begin to be practiced.

The problem I see is that it is technically impossible to go regulated on day 1. Why? Because – from what I’ve read – the ERSE will give companies 45 days from October 1 to put the regulated market offer on their pages. Now, this gives a margin until November 15 to be able to start making the change. And after that, depending on the number of orders – which I predict will be overwhelming – it may still take a few weeks before the new contract kicks in. This would amount to painfully paying 1.5 months at very high prices without being able to leave your company for the regulated market.

I draw the worst-case scenario to alert you to the fact that you have to be proactive if you don’t want to waste tens of euros or even more than 100 euros (remember that in November many families are already using gas heating), unnecessarily.

So my advice is simple but it will take work. That’s what I would do if I was in this situation, but you do what you want. (I’m not going to go regulated now, as I’m interested in the discounts I have at my current company, which has yet to announce any substantial increases).

To avoid a month and a half of giant increases, I would change this month (again today) for the cheapest company in the liberalized market. To list I made last month based on ERSE simulator, Goldenergy was the cheapest, but you will have to confirm on your own. Next in the TOP 10 are Useenergy and Endesa.

My goal would be to stay with the cheapest possible company in the liberalized market for as long as necessary until the regulated tariff is available. Probably just a month or even less than that. This would be my guarantee to avoid unforeseen events and delays in the process of transitioning to the regulated market.

Wouldn’t do any good to see I was at the highest market price in Portugal while waiting weeks to pay more unnecessarily.

You are not loyal to any company and do not have to pay anything to switch suppliers (except in these situations of new gas inspections).

Is it boring for some companies in the market to only have customers for a month or 3 weeks? Yes of course. But it is not us, the consumers, who have created this situation. We’re just trying to survive the highest inflation in decades as smartly as possible without raising our wages. So I feel comfortable suggesting this strategy.

Later, once the door to the regulated gas market is open, change as soon as possible. Every day you let go is money you lose.

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