Portugalia’s fleet could grow to 19 planes after license update

Photo Clement Alloing

Portuguese regional airline Portugalia, which operates as TAP Express, has been granted the right by the Portuguese aviation authority to increase its fleet to 19 planes – the company’s current authorization provides for the operation of 15 planes. According to the Portuguese Observador websitethe decision was published in the Diário da República on Friday (2).

Consulted by Portuguese media, the airline has not yet given an answer on when the increase in the fleet will take place and which planes will be added. Today, Portugal has 15 Embraer jets in service, of which 5 are E195-E1s and 10 are E-190-E1s.

After approval, Portugália now has an operating license “10 aircraft whose maximum take-off mass does not exceed 62,000 kg and carrying up to 146 passengers” and “nine aircraft with a maximum take-off mass not exceeding 55,000 kg and carrying up to 122 passengers”.

The Embraer E190-E1 has a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 51,800 kg, while the E195-E1 has a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 52,290 kg. As mentioned above, both respect the rules established by the Portuguese authority.

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