Amorim: “Are you hiring Arthur? I still haven’t found the local man.”

Sporting coach Ruben Amorim in statements after Estoril win explains hiring of winger Arthur Gomes amid much talk of Sporting needing another spearhead .

“The explanation is simple. On the wing, I was sure of the player I wanted: Arthur Gomes. From its history, the formation of Santos is a player that we have known for some time. I look at the future of Sporting and it fits perfectly. And we still haven’t found a local man that I can say is who he should be. And if I can’t find it, I won’t. You will need to be patient with the local man. We tried to catch up with the team there. Every day I need to lower the pot, many times it will happen, I need another winger and we have Arthur. A player with great potential and who will grow a lot. The local man will have to wait, Paulinho is back in the next training so things will start to calm down.

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“We are always weaker when we lose important players, but we don’t know what the future will be. We can’t keep important players and we have a much higher demand. Two defeats completely change the scenario at the club . If they come with a request, it’s up to us to look at all the panorama we have and not have any ghosts. Let’s get back together as a team.”

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