CS:GO | 5 changes since 2012

Since the decade of its release, CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) has seen changes and revisions in almost every possible way. Even looking at old screenshots and videos, it’s obvious that the game now looks incredibly different, and there’s no denying that the changes were for the better.

Over ten years, Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been perfected into one of the best shooters on the market, a remarkably balanced FPS played by millions of people, and is an ideal of what a well-designed and polished competitive game should look like. the work of valve in the game was truly impressive, and considering the sheer number of changes the game has gone through, it’s no surprise that it remains one of the most successful and enduring multiplayer games of all time.

gun sounds

Weapon sounds are noticeably different, with the valve releasing replacements for all weapon sounds in the game in 2016. The change was controversial among some players, who felt the old sounds were better.

However, the new sounds are slightly quieter and easier to distinguish, although they sound a little less powerful. Also, the new sounds have done a lot to reduce ear fatigue and distortion.

user interface

The long-awaited Panorama UI was released in 2018, replacing the old Scaleform interface. Although purely graphical, Panorama was one of the biggest updates to the CS: GO deja vu and completely changed the look of the game.

The main menu is much smoother and the inventory screen is easier to navigate. The buy menu has become more detailed, showing money and teammate loadouts. Additionally, a host of additional stats have been added to the leaderboard to help players keep track of a match’s progress.

The CS:GO interface has improved over the years.
Image: Gamerant

New character models

The different models of actors in the CS: GO have also been updated several times, improving their graphical fidelity. For example, in 2016 the SAS models were superseded which made them more detailed, although interestingly the design itself looked more like the original SAS models from the Counter-Strike. Similarly, the Leet Krew was significantly updated in 2017, doubling its polygon count.

Graphical improvements have been released for all factions in the CS: GO, including the FBI, IDF and Phoenix Connection. Additionally, Paid Agent skins were released with Operation Shattered Web in 2019, changing player models to T and CT sides regardless of map.

CS:GO character models have also changed
Image: Gamerant

The sports scene

the scene of eSports has always been an important part of Counter-Strike, but in recent years, this industry has grown exponentially. The Stockholm Major 2021 final between Navi and G2 reached a peak audience of over 2.7 million. For reference, the first big one, Dreamhack Winter 2013, had a peak viewership of around 145,000.

CS: GO has become one of the greatest games of eSports of the market, and the landscape is far beyond what it was in 2012, having come a long way from its relatively humble beginnings with informal local networks and small crowds.

E-sports is one of the crucial points of CS:GO.
Image: Techtudo

New game modes

CS: GO it was quite basic in terms of game modes. In fact, deathmatch was only introduced in 2013. The choice of game modes remained relatively limited until 2017, when Operation Hydra introduced several new game modes, including fan favorites that have become permanent additions to the game, like Wingman 2v2. , or Flying Scout.

Additionally, 2018 saw the introduction of Danger Zone, a battle royale mode, and Replays officially made it into the game in 2020. Now, CS: GO features many casual game modes in addition to the standard competitive mode.

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