48-year-old married man, whose wife is 19 years younger than him, finds out he met her when she was just a baby

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even advertising Lucas on August 27, 2022 at 4:13 p.m.

Here is a new love story that is likely to make those who love to debate speak on the age difference in couples. Indeed, in England, a couple has been propelled to the front of the stage for a simple and good reason. Not their age difference, more rather the fact that Rich, 48, met his future wife when she was… just a little baby! 19 years later, they are married and expecting a child…

He met his wife when she was just a baby

It’s a tall tale. More at the end, love always ends up winning ! Indeed, Rich and Evie recently got married and are expecting their first child. A detail, and not the least, challenges most of the people who meet them: their age difference! The latter stands at 19, with Rich being 48 and Evie being 29.

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If for them, the love they have for each other is most important, another detail in a failed step to make torque a duo rather apart! And for good reason… When Rich first met the parents of his young wife, he quickly realized that he had already met Evie… when she is a baby ! “Rich met me when I was a baby, it was a bit strange at first when we found out. But we evolved very quickly…”explain in particular Evie who, today, dedicates an unconditional love to Rich.

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Love, stronger than anything

Indeed, from their first months of relationship, the two lovers, despite their age differencehad to realize: “When he is part of the vacancies, he is already aware that I really missed him and worried about him. I told her when she got home, and she felt exactly the same way.”. There is no better love story, especially when the two lovers leave all criticism outside of their relationship. Take an example from them!

Source : daily mail

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