God of Rock, Rhythm Fighting Game, announced for Nintendo Switch

God of the Rock

THE editor Modus Games announced, during the presentation of the Future Games Show at Gamescom 2022, this Wednesday (24), the game God of the Rock for all current platforms, including the Nintendo Switch. With a release scheduled for the Brazilian summer – between December 2022 and March 2023 – the game is being developed by Brazilian studio Modus Studios Brazil.

The title mixes fighting game mechanics with rhythmic challenges. In it, fighters engage in 1v1 matches in which attacks and other moves are performed as players strike musical notes that move across the screen, Guitar Hero style.

Check out the game’s trailer above and its official description below:

The mysterious god of rock has resurrected the souls of the greatest musicians in the universe to fight and entertain him. Revitalized with new bodies and powers, each musician becomes a competitor in their game, vying with each other for musical supremacy on the world stage.

God of Rock mixes rhythm-based gameplay with fighting game mechanics in tense 1v1 matches. Choose from a dozen unique fighters, each with their own design, mechanics, and harmonic attacks. Destroy your opponent by performing normal moves and building a charge by hitting notes to the beat of the music, and use your meter to unleash EXs and special attacks to deal damage and add complexity to your songs. Finally, finish them off with a devastating super attack! As the battle progresses, the music track will continue to increase in complexity and difficulty until only one fighter wins!

main Features

  • Fight in Rhythm – Engage in explosive musical battles in this rhythm-based competitive fighting game.
  • No skill limit – Tracks continue to increase in difficulty until a single fighter wins.
  • Over 40 Original Songs – Each with unique, hard-to-master tracks.
  • Your Stage is the Universe – Control 12 completely different characters, each with their own unique playstyle in eight dynamic stages across the universe.

Game Modes

  • Campaign Mode – Follow your favorite character in an expanded campaign mode, compete against other musicians to be the last one standing.
  • Practice Mode – Master the hardest parts of each song and practice performing special attacks over time.
  • Track Editor – Add your personal touch to your favorite songs by adding and removing notes as you wish.
  • Online and local ranked multiplayer – Compete against players at home or around the world in casual and ranked multiplayer matches.

How to play

Fight to the beat!

Musical notes move along the sides of the screen. Press the corresponding button in sync with the music to perform a normal attack. The closer the center, the stronger the attack. If both players press the note perfectly, the attacks collide and neither player takes any damage.

Use special attacks and ex

As you hit notes, you fill up your special meter. Give special commands at any time to use a meter bar and attack your opponents. EX attacks damage opponents, add extra notes to play, apply negative effects, etc.

Use super attacks to turn the tide

When your Special Gauge is full, you can consume all three bars to perform a Super Attack. This is your character’s strongest move and inflicts damage on the opponent even if they block perfectly!

Source: Modus Games (1, of them)

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