Benfica Ana Ursu Rute Fernandes Renovation

Ana Ursu and Rute Fernandes have renewed their contractual ties with Sport Lisboa e Benfica, thus continuing to be part of the women’s handball team. Returning to “winning everything” is the common objective, which also involves a strong presence in European competitions.

Goalkeeper Ana Ursu, in statements to BTVtalk about a “grand feelingto express his satisfaction at having continued with the eagle on his chest. “Renewal is a very good feeling, being at Benfica is a very good feeling. To renew, to have the opportunity to stay here for another season, who knows a lot more, is a feeling of accomplishment and I’m super happy“, said.

The objectives for next season are clear: to win the championship and the remaining domestic competitions, in a year where they intend to go far in European competitions.

Ana Ursu

“O our goal is to renew the titles we won last season. In European competitions we know that we are going to have a very different competition from what we are used to, it will be even more difficult, but we have to face it as something positive, a learning process and it will be match per game. We all want to win, let’s hope it goes well, European competitions included“, revealed.

Rute Fernandes

Rute Fernandes defends precisely the same postulates, in the certainty that continuity in the Club is a “appreciation“for what has been done.

“It’s a very good feeling, that our efforts and dedication throughout the season have been appreciated,” he said, adding of next season: “Whatever the difficulties, we want to win everything we have to win and go as far in European competitions.”

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