pinched image but untouchable company

In recent weeks, Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the most talked about players in the world of football. The constant news about the desire to leave Manchester United, the fact that it appeared later in the pre-season and the rejections of major international clubs have damaged the footballer’s image, according to the opinion of three experts consulted by JN. But the CR7 business, the sponsorship and the corporate brand should emerge unscathed from this storm.

“These last few weeks have damaged the image of Cristiano Ronaldo a little because of abnormal behavior,” began by saying Daniel Sá, director of IPAM. Nuno Saraiva, Sporting’s former communications director, believes the way the Portuguese has handled the media attention surrounding his future “has affected the idea of ​​an immense professional that he has always conveyed”.

One of the questions raised was whether Cristiano Ronaldo’s business and sponsorship could be marred by this instability. The conclusion of the three experts was that all this had happened in too short a period of time to affect the financial and advertising field. They also consider that the CR7 brand remains one of the most valued on the market. “Ronaldo is a brand with 20 years of extreme professionalism and which does not destroy itself in three or four weeks”, explained Daniel Sá.

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