GTA 5 with next-gen graphics thanks to the NaturalVision Evolved mod

The NaturalVision mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 has surprised us for many years, and since 2015 we’ve seen in an impressive way how community efforts take the game’s graphics to new heights.

The original idea was to improve the graphics of the PC version a bit, for those who wanted more from Rockstar Games, but since NaturalVision Remastered in 2017 the quality has increased enormously and reached levels that are simply spectacular for a game of 2013.

The latest NaturalVision Evolved mod trailer for GTA 5 shows the PC version almost with the graphics you would like to have in GTA 6, the next game in the series which is already in development and will not arrive until after December 31, 2023 .

The impressive level of graphical detail that GTA 5 achieves with the NaturalVision Evolved mod is easily noticeable not only in the more detailed textures, but also in the lighting, new animations in certain parts of the scenarios, much denser vegetation and, well sure, in the reflections of things like cars.

In a moment of the new trailer, the mod team shows a plane passing by the buildings of Los Santos and shows the interiors with more detail, volumetric clouds and pans full of detail.

These are scenes that will easily make you want to play GTA 5 on PC with these mods installed.

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