Nobody has a hand on him! Ronaldo has lost his mind and even discusses the issues with fans on social media

They already call it “Ronaldo-style” tantrums. When, this summer, the ace failed to attend Manchester United’s call to join the club’s pre-season, many were surprised, but those who know Madeira well, shrugged and laughed to themselves. It’s just that, when it doesn’t suit him, CR7 doesn’t have a hot towel: it’s all or nothing. The game/match with Manchester is just one more case to add to the already long list of times when the player didn’t listen to anyone and did what he wanted.

With a battalion of agents, advisers and a whole team to measure his steps, Cristiano Ronaldo likes to act at his own risk. Recently, after leaving Manchester for long days waiting for him, he went a step further and snuck into the fans’ Instagram to comment on the matter. He didn’t do it through official channels — his Instagram or the agency that represents him — and misspellings said those words shouldn’t be scrutinized by anyone else. “They will know the truth when I give an interview in a few weeks. The media only tell lies. I have a notebook and in the last few months out of 100 stories only five have gone well, imagine how things are. I I haven’t come for a long time”, he wrote [na imagem em baixo podem ver o texto original de CR7, sem estar corrigido].

Ronaldo’s text on Manchester
picture: Instagram

When it comes to football, those who know him say he likes being the king of the dressing room. In the European final in 2016, who does not remember Ronaldo, injured, saluting standing, next to Fernando Santos and shouting slogans on the pitch, which national coach?

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Fernando Santos explains Cristiano Ronaldo’s gestures and words on the pitch at the end of Portugal-Serbia

But in England, coach Erik Hag does not seem to tolerate rebellious boys. When, in early August, CR7 abandoned a friendly match and went home at half-time because he did not like being replaced, the coach ‘went to the wires’. “It’s unacceptable,” he lamented.

But Ronaldo is holding on and is keen to publicly show his displeasure with his life in Manchester. At the club, say the British newspapers, he has lunch alone and in training he takes the opportunity to reveal his dissatisfaction with the coach’s instructions.


Those who share with Ronaldo confess that the ace is a man with a strong personality and that “he knows very well what he wants”. Faithful to her goals and her principles, she does not give up at the first failures, even if sometimes she has to circumvent certain obstacles, even a law or another. During the confinement, he was fired several times for violating the quarantine imposed by the Italian authorities. In Madrid he was once caught driving with his son on his lap and recently he was fined for leaving his luxury ‘bombshell’ just outside El Corte Inglès, Lisbon, in an area parking prohibited.

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Italian health authorities want to punish players who were in mandatory isolation and broke quarantine.

But these are minor controversies compared to the two most talked about cases. In 2008, the player decided to build a mansion in Gerês in a protected area. At the time, the case deserved the attention of the competent authorities who, after an inspection of the house, ordered the work to be suspended because the house did not have the necessary authorizations to move forward. However, in Gerês nothing stood still and the house – which in the meantime was sold to Pepe – was ready two years later. A lawsuit was filed in court, and if it hadn’t taken so long for a sentence to be heard, the ace would even have had to demolish the millionaire’s house.

Ronaldo’s house in Gerês

He was not so lucky with the house he acquired in one of the noblest streets of Lisbon, right in Rua Castilho. The footballer bought the top floor of the building, and since it was even convenient for him to have a gym in the penthouse, he had a marquee built on the roof of the building. Small detail: I was not authorized to do so. Months after the news was revealed by ‘Correio da Manhã’, he ended up having to demolish the marquee.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has already destroyed the controversial marquee in the Lisbon building

Controversies that are part of the life of the man who was once considered the best player in the world and who has an impressive legion of fans. Those who follow the star unconditionally say his “bad temper” is part of his charm, and his friends have no doubt that when Ronaldo “gets it all done” it’s because he’s got it right. The family, on the other hand, does not hesitate to use social networks to defend tooth and nail the prodigal son.

Loved by millions, criticized by many, the truth is that CR7 is not indifferent and leaving a mark on the world. Scenes from the most recent soap opera fill the pages of newspapers and magazines and are eagerly followed by fans. And one thing is for sure, if you are missing a club, you will continue to earn millions because everyone wants to know the latest news from your life, like the reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians ‘.

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