Sabrina Cournoyer has overcome big obstacles in the last few months

In an interview in the pages of the latest issue of the magazine 7 Jours, Sabrina Cournoyer returned to two traumatic events experienced in recent months that reminded her of the fragility of life…

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“In the past six months, we have experienced several hardships. We were robbed during the holidays and last January my boyfriend had a car accident. I did not speak about it publicly, because I let him heal, but for him, it was a great test”, she first revealed.

The one you can see at Hi hello then explains that it happens to her spouse, an accident that could have been fatal, more than that in a way that affected her.

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“I had a severe concussion. He was off work for months. The availability of excruciating headaches, the availability of difficulty reading. As he was a victim of the accident, there was some frustration related to this event. He didn’t provoke it. He lived in anger, aware that his life might change forever. How much was he going to be mortgaged? I know that in life, everything can change. I was on the phone with my friend, on Bluetooth, when he had his accident. I heard the impact, then I heard my boyfriend scream in pain. I had to do hypnotherapy to get out of it, because I could still hear the sound of the accident. I was having panic attacks, my arms were going numb. I had triggers and I experienced all the events as a stress. The theft, then the accident, was a lot at once. I was on edge. Hypnotherapy saved me!

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• On the other hand: Sabrina Cournoyer underlines her two years of love with her lover, François

Fortunately, he believes that his couple emerged stronger from these trials.

“We’ve been through tough times, but we’ve grown stronger together. I think that’s what makes our couple strong: when one is going through hardships, the other is there to support them. What I love about our relationship is that it’s not perfect. It brings me back to my quest for imperfection. We are very happy and in love, but nothing will ever be perfect. What really matters is that we become better together…”, she confided.

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