Europe’s largest solar power plant is now operational

The largest solar power plant in Europe, located in Spanish Extremadura, is already in operation. This plant, a project of the energy company Iberdrola, has a capacity of 590 megawatts (MW).

The total investment was 300 million euros and this solar power plant can lead to the creation of 1500 jobs.

Iberdrola: the largest solar power plant in Europe is already in operation

Central has 1.5 million photovoltaic modules

According to Expresso, on Wednesday August 10, what is considered to be the largest photovoltaic power plant in Europe entered into service: the Francisco Pizarro, settled in Spanish Extremadura.

According to the energy company Iberdrola, the plant has 1.5 million photovoltaic modules installed between the municipalities of Torrecillas de la Tiesta and Aldeacentenera, in the province of Cáceres, the plant will supply energy to more than 334,000 homes and eliminate 150,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

By 2025, Iberdrola also wants to install more than 2,800 MW of renewable energy in the Spanish region of Extremadura, neighboring Alentejo and Beira Baixa, in an investment of more than 1.7 billion euros.

With more than 170 years of experience, the Iberdrola Group is today the leader in the global energy sector, the first wind turbine and one of the largest electric energy companies, in terms of market value, in the world. . In addition to the electricity and gas commercialization activity, IBERDROLA has a solid investment program. The Alto Tâmega hydroelectric complex and the Figueira da Foz combined cycle project, as well as the three wind farms in operation and the ongoing Atlantic Romanesque recovery plan are some examples.

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