Microsoft didn’t like it and ended up downloading Windows 11

Installing Windows 11 or any other version of this system is not complicated. Of course, there are tools that make this process easier, some with very interesting and useful extras.

Rufus is well suited for these types of applications, but has now suffered a severe setback. Microsoft didn’t like how this app accessed ISOs of Windows 11 and other versions and ended up with this download.

Rufus windows 11 download microsoft

Anyone familiar with Rufus is well aware of how useful this tool is for the installation process of Windows 11 and other system versions from Microsoft. Fully automatic, you can prepare a pen, with many options ready and chosen.

Of course, it can be used for other systems, but the big question now is what it offers in the Microsoft ecosystem. All downloads I have done on Windows 11 and others have been blocked and just not working.

Rufus windows 11 download microsoft

This question was first raised by some users, who recently detected the error message. It just showed that it was not possible to download the Windows 11 ISO or any other chosen version.

Further investigation finally uncovered the cause of this error, which may not be fixed any time soon. Microsoft has changed access to the ISO of its systems and only internal requests can define which version to download, which limits Rufus.

Rufus windows 11 download microsoft

The team that maintains this tool is already trying to find a solution to work around the limitations that Microsoft has now imposed. They hope to have a new version soon that can bring it back Rufus to Windows 11 and all supported versions.

There is still no response from Microsoft to this situation, but it is clear that everything is due to a change on the side of the software giant. So you don't want external apps to unload your system, especially those that manage to overcome other impositions that have been placed.

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