Benfica Braga Super Cup Women’s Football


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semi final
IN: 0-0
benfica 3
SC Braga 0
54′ Pauleta
60′ Chloe Lacasse
82′ Marta Cintra

O benfica received and defeated SC Braga, by 3-0, in a match referring to the Women’s Super Cup semi-final. The trophy ceremony match will be played on August 26 in Leiria, and the eagles will be there!

Face to face two teams with huge ambition and set goals, both putting on the pitch the only desire to win against the objective of being present in the final of the 2022 Super Cup.


Before Teresa Oliveira’s opening whistle, moment of silenceconducted in an irreproachable manner, in memory of Fernando Chalana. cooling!

Then the ball rolled to Benfica Campus, with the benches well filled and with the presence of President Rui Costa. The posture adopted by the two formations is quickly noticed: Benfica under construction, SC Braga on hold.

Interesting opening minutes, with the benfiquista Andrea Norton, on an individual initiative, to set the tone. In response, free fall to the right favorable to the arsenalistas, but without major danger.

Chloe Lacasse took over and the first did not go far from the target; then it was Christy Ucheibe try his luck, but the shot came out very misplaced.


On the other side of the barricade, the formation of Braga exploited the backlashwith long balls in the back of the reds’ back sector (at 12 ‘, the goalkeeper Katelin Talbert, called to the service, says “present”), facing a three-element defensive line ridden by Filipa Patão in the team’s tactical system (3x4x3). Carole Costa, one of these defenders, was also awarded the Best Player of the BPI League 2021/22 prize by the CNID, before kick-off (photo above).

And the story of the match didn’t change much until half-time! Braga in confinementexploring verticality; Benfica to buildwith more possession, more opportunities, betting on flank mobility and creativity.

At 29′, a great goal opportunity for the reds. spectacular work of Andreia Faria discover Ana Vitoriawho, after spinning, escaped, faced Patrícia Morais and offered the Portuguese international goalkeeper the defense of the afternoon until then.


Benfica won and, at the 33′, Ana Seiça dared, climbed on the ground and pulled hard, however, in the face. At 41′another highlight, this time with Christy Ucheibe slipping at zero hour, after a excellent work by Cloé Lacasse and Daniela Silva following a bend.

In the next minute, a goal is shouted… but the ball misses! crossing of Valeria Cantuario on the right, a powerful entrance from Cloé Lacasse with a first shot. Beautiful and deserved another chance.

At the time of compensation, Ana Ruth isolated himself, put the ball in the back of the red net, but the offer was invalidated for irregular position.

Benfica finished the first half in the lead and the void recorded after the first 45 minutes, given the production of those commanded by Filipa Patão, was inglorious.


And the game resumed with the same inclination… Inspirations plus sign and the goal was predicted. At 49′two moments, two opportunities! work of Andrea Norton on the right side, Lucie Alvesalready in the small area, allowed the defense of Patrícia Morais and, in the recharge, Christy Ucheibe shoot on it.

But the goal came… Foul on Ana Vitória and free kick fell on the right flank. Andreia Faria brain-charged and Pauletain a dive volley, coming from behind, attacks the ball and rushes in a fulminant way into the back of the net! A well-crafted goal giving Benfica the advantage in the 54th minute (1-0).

And lab work came back at 60′. Throw taken with chemical paper, this time Pauleta’s header was stopped, but the ball was left for Cloé Lacasse, the Canadian international not losing and shooting for 2-0, a fair result, expressing the greatest dominance of the team.


Braga tried the reactionclimbed on the ground and bet on the mid-range shots and set pieces. Coach Gonçalo Nunes played with chess, in an attempt to refresh and give more firepower to the attacking frontand Filipa Patão reacted immediately, made some changes to the faces on the pitch, responding with a lot of class and not allowing for fancy. Besides, Benfica has always been closer to expansion than suffering…

Faced with the attempt to reverse the course of events, and some disarray of the opposing formation, Benfica reaped the scoring chanceswith Patrícia Morais, with a great display, in the evidence plan to deny the rout.

But the 3-0 would actually materialize! 82 minutespass from Ana Vitoria from flank to flank, tearing and uncovering Marta Cintra. And what class! Reception with the right to seat the opposing central, timed and, with the left foot, applied an indefensible shot for the goal which condemned the final score.


With this result, fair and indisputable, Benfica mark their presence in the Super Cup grand final. The trophy presentation match is scheduled for the day August 26 at 8:30 Dr. Magalhães Pessoa Stadium, in Leiria.

The opponent of the Inspirators will be the Jockwho in the other semi-final of the day beat Famalicão (3-0).



Filipa Patão (Benfica coach): “We knew it would be a game with some uncertainty at the beginning, we didn’t know how the opponent would look with a new coach. The first part was for us to meet in the game, to understand what the opponent was doing. opponent and what spaces we could explore. Players struggled a bit, also because we introduced a new system, different from what we normally use. All together this created a first game that was a bit wasted on our part in the sense of occupying space and exploring the opponent’s weaknesses. In the second half, we corrected some things, we were already able, with a greater offensive capacity, to create more situations and to accomplish. We still have a lot to do. adjust, improve, even because the players came back late, this process is normal, but, by making an overall balance , we ended up always being at top of the game, a balanced minimum for opponent transitions, something that despite everything we look the best, but it was a positive test for us. A word of thanks to the fans, once again they were beyond reproach, especially on such a sad day as it is for us, Benfica, with the death of Chalana. The only thing we could do, which was up to us, was to give this gift to the fans and thank them for coming.”


Pauleta (Benfica average): “We really wanted to start the season with a victory. We know that it is still a complicated period, we are still assimilating the processes and physically we are still reaching our peak of form. Winning, opening the scoring, is a satisfaction, but the most important was the victory. Our supporters have been incredible. Today is a sad day for Benfica and for Portuguese football, with the loss of Chalana, a symbol, and we really wanted to give a victory to our supporters, for them. and for Chalana. We made it!”


Benfica-SC Braga
Benfica Campus (Pitch No. 1)
Benfica’s eleven
Katelin Talbert, Ana Seiça, Carole Costa, Daniela Silva, Pauleta, Andreia Faria (Marta Cintra, 68′), Christy Ucheibe (Maria Negrão, 68′), Andreia Norton (Carlyn Baldwin, 83′), Valéria Cantuário (Lúcia Alves, 46′), Ana Vitória and Cloé Lacasse (Beatriz Nogueira, 83′)
Rute Costa, Carlyn Baldwin (83′), Sílvia Rebelo, Inês Simas, Marta Cintra (68′), Maria Negrão (68′), Lúcia Alves (46′), Carolina Correia and Beatriz Nogueira (83′)
SC Braga eleven
Patrícia Morais, Leah Lewis, Nicole Nunes (Leonor Freitas, 83′), Vanessa Marques, Vitória Almeida (Vital Kats, 64′), Catarina Pereira, Bia Meio-Metro, Beatriz Rodrigues (Laura Luís, 83′), Laura Casanovas ( Caroline Kehrer, 63′), Ana Rute (Joline Amani, 64′) and Marie Awona
Isabel Peixeiro, Laura Luís (83′), Caroline Kehrer (63′), Joline Amani (64′), Vital Kats (64′), Carolina Mendes, Ana Nogueira, Paula Fernandes and Leonor Freitas (83′)
on break 0-0
Referee team
Arbitrator: Therese Oliveira; Assistants: Ana Loide and Patrícia Araújo; 4th referee: Joana Rodrigues
Benfica: Pauleta (54′), Cloé Lacasse (60′) and Marta Cintra (82′)

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