THE BALL – V. Guimarães finishes with nine but spoils the return of Chaves (see video with summary) (Liga)

A goal from André Silva, in addition to the half-time whistle, earned V. Guimarães victory at Chaves, in a match that marked the return of Flaviense’s team to the highest level of football Portuguese.

Home fans responded in droves and the team even scored first, but the offer was ruled out for offside. Playing more in anticipation, the people of Guimarães ended up scoring the goal, with a well-crafted gesture that ended with a powerful strike from André Silva.

The second half, always with a plus sign from the Flavians, ended up being marked by two expulsions from the Guimarães team, curiously two players who had been taken off the bench (Alfa Semedo and Matheus Índio).

Watch the video with the summary:

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