Action RPG “Stormrite” announced for Xbox Game Pass

Well, this one came out of nowhere! After scrolling through our Twitter feeds this afternoon, we came across ‘ thunderstorm ‘ from studio Kelechi Apakama, an action-RPG that might even make its way to Xbox Game Pass.

The developers teased so much in a new tweet showcasing the game. It looks like a PC and Xbox version is definitely in the works, with the developer also hinting at something else, with “Or maybe even Game Pass?” like a little extra food to think about here:

Luckily, a Steam page is now available for Stormrite that tells us more about what to expect from the game itself. Here’s a quick rundown from the developer of what the team is aiming to achieve, gameplay-wise, with this open-world action-RPG:

Stormrite is a fully single-player third-person experience. Your time will be spent on fascinating quests, exploring the kingdom of Redreach, and using various weapons and combat techniques to eliminate your enemies. The three main fighting styles are melee, ranged, and magic. However, within each of these three categories, you have several weapon/combat style options to choose from. For example, ranged players can opt for a traditional bow and arrow loadout, they can opt for a clumsier but powerful crossbow style, or even a hybrid melee loadout using agility, daggers and throwing knives. .

Magic users can choose to cast spells that directly affect their enemies, summon companions to fight, or manipulate the very fabric of the world around them. You can also cast spells on each other, resulting in some very interesting interactions that can be used to increase your combat options.
Melee users have plenty of options too, with 5 (and counting) fighting styles to choose from and skills to aid in your fights.

As of now, Stormrite doesn’t have a release window other than “soon”, yes, pretty vague there. Still, after seeing this one, we’re genuinely intrigued to see where it goes, especially if the team confirms the Xbox Game Pass release.

What do you think of Stormrite? Want to see more ? Let us know below!

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