Jean-Philippe Perras opens up about his new role as a father

Comedian Jean-Philippe Perras discusses his plans with us, even his new family life with his daughter, Margot, and his spouse, Maripier Morin. And he emphasizes the colossal efforts that his sweet has made in the past year.

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We met Jean-Philippe Perras at the premiere of the film arlette, in the fanl his spouse, Maripier Morin, plays the main role. As he was in the front row when his lover was preparing to interpret Arlette’s sonnage, he underlines the efforts she put into it. “Maripier did figure skating; it’s like an athlete. She works so hard! When it is an objective, it is not available. She was masterfully coached by Daniel Parent for her role. They form a duo that understands each other and always pushes further. I saw her working hard to get this role,” he proudly tells us.

Although he himself is an actor, Jean-Philippe Perras claims not to give him advice. “On Learning in Set Texts; she helps me, and I do the same for her. But I have nothing to teach him. Daniel Parent taught us to be curious and about what the person in front of us is offering. Maripier offers me lots of things, and the goal is to have fun reviving.

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The greatest role of his life
Although he has obtained several interesting characters over the years, Jean-Philippe is currently living the most beautiful role of his life, that of a father. “All the cliché phrases come to mind to describe my fatherhood. It is the most beautiful picked in the world. It opened the door to this immense love that one can have, that I didn’t know. It’s really a daily miracle, an extreme and deep happiness and joy”, he reveals, happy. He also mentions Maripier’s work: “I’m lucky to have her as Margot’s mother. She does an exceptional job.”

Other than his acting career, Jean-Philippe Perras is also a musician. With his group, Gustafson, he is preparing an album which should be released in June 2023. “We should be in the studio, but I got a role in a new series, The emperor. And my partner (Adrien Bletton) date a second child. So we put the album on ice and we take advantage of what we have. Nevertheless, the members of Gustafson envision a creative journey with their respective small families. “We normally left for a week together to make music, but with the children, we can no longer do that. So we wonder if we take them with us to do a residency somewhere.

the series The emperor will be available in winter 2023, at Novovo.


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