The week begins with good news and bad news. Know how much you will pay to fill the deposit

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Prepare for good news and bad news this week: fuel prices will go in opposite directions in early August, according to an industry source contacted by Multinews, in the main national oil companies, the price of gasoline 95 will increase until to one cent per liter while diesel will decrease by 3 cents.

The trend is also repeated in own-brand petrol stations – which normally work alongside hypermarkets – and they report “an increase of 0.0049 euros for petrol and a decrease of 0.0093 euros for diesel,” another source said.

Thus, since the start of the year, 20 weeks of increases have already been recorded, contradicted by the 10 weeks of decline for gasoline 95. As for diesel, this is the 12th decline since January, even if the 17 increases already recorded in 2022 must be taken into account.

During this period, the price of diesel increased by 27 cents per liter while the price of gasoline was 33 cents more expensive. This means that filling a 60 liter tank of diesel next week will cost 16.2 euros more than in January. To refuel at 95, it takes 19.8 euros more than the first week of the year.

However, with the announced reduction, a 60 liter tank of 95 single petrol will now be 0.6 euro more expensive than the previous week, while the diesel version will mean a discount of 1.8 euro.

The latest fuel bulletin from the European Commission indicates that Portugal has the 11th most expensive gasoline 95 of the 27 countries of the European Union. Diesel occupies 20th place in the European ranking. According to official data from Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG), disclosed on its page, the average price of simple gasoline 95 is currently 1,887 euros per litre. A liter of diesel is worth 1,850 euros.

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