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While Season 4 of “Stranger Things” spawns many theories, sometimes implausible, sometimes consistent, one of them provides a relationship between Vecna ​​and a supporting character. Explanations.

Almost a month after the release of volume 2, season 4 of Stranger Things continues to thrill crowds and inspire many theories. One of them is making its way on social media. Shared in a public group followed by 220,000 bonuses, he explains that big bad Vecna ​​(Jamie Campbell Bower) could be the brother of Karen Wheeler (Cara Buono), the mother of Mike (Finn Wolfhard).

How could this be possible? According to the author of the theory, Henry Creel – who would become Vecna ​​- is an adopted child. He doesn’t really look like the other members of his family and, epidemic, he is the seoul to possess supernatural powers. “At one time, when a child was different, he was either sent to a mental hospital or given up for adoption.“, writes the Internet user.

To support this theory, other fans, on TikTok for example, looks to promote season 4. Ahead of the release of volume 2, Netflix revealed several character posters. Each of them is linked to a place: under Eleven’s face, we can see Hawkins’ laboratory, under Hopper’s (David Harbour)’s face, we recognize the prison in Russia and under Mike’s face, the California.


Although its importance is minor in season 4, the character of Karen is also entitled to its own poster. The setting linked to the post is none other than the Creel house. What to question the purists of the series who do not believe in chance.

Also worth remembering is this scene in Season 3 when Billy (Dacre Montgomery), possessed by the Mind Flayer, orders Karen to stay away from him. Was she dangerous for Max’s brother? Season 5, currently in pre-production, may be able to answer that question.

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