After all, how much more do we spend to turn on the air conditioning in the car?

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O summer and the heat came in full force and as such the high temperatures have not ceased. Nowadays, traveling by car is a difficult task if we don’t turn on the air conditioning. Therefore, most motorists drive with this additional accessory. However, with this supplement comes additional fuel consumption. Because?

When the air conditioning is turned on, a compressor is activated and this requires a greater energy input to the car’s engine. A larger supply translates to more fuel used. But how much?

According to recent studies, this overconsumption can be up to 30% higher when driving in the city, and 20% when driving on the highway. In more concrete data, air conditioning can consume up to half a liter of fuel per hour.

Yet more important than economy is traveling safely and peacefully, so don’t want to create fatigue or put yourself under stress to save that extra fuel. Air conditioning is taken care of with an element of active safety while driving.

Learn more about the maintenance you need to do for your air conditioner.

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