The NBA 2K22 Tournament is coming to PlayStation 4

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NBA 2K22, as you can see hereis the latest (and best) virtual representation of the best basketball league in the world: the NBA.

Sony Playstation recently revealed the existence of an NBA 2K22 tournament for Playstation 4 players.

The NBA (National Basketball Association) continues to be one of the sports with the most fans in the world and Portugal is no exception. It is a show that is not limited to the interior of the 4 lines, and the whole external environment is also part of the show.

For many years, 2K Games' NBA 2K game series has brought this fantastic sport to virtual life on consoles and PC. As we've been following it's a series that follows beautifully, all of the adrenaline, emotion, excitement and show biz associated with the NBA and NBA 2K22 is clearly its maximum exponent.

In this way, it is therefore not surprising to have this news that we have just seen you broadcast: an NBA 2K22 tournament for all Playstation 4 players.

NBA 2K22 Tournament

Indeed, Sony Playstation has just unveiled a tournament of NBA 2K22 for all PlayStation 4 players entitled "Summer Cup".

All players are invited to participate in the tournament regardless of their level of experience, and will be able to do so completely free of charge. In the end, they can win prizes ranging from PlayStation Network credit to €500 cash.

The "Summer Cup", which will be concentrated in Portugal, Spain and Italy, will consist of 4 qualifying phases, the first of which will begin on July 23, the second will begin on July 30 and, third and fourth, will take place respectively on July 6 and August 13.

Below is a summary of the prizes that participants in each of these four qualifying stages will be able to win by participating:

  • 1st place: place in the final
  • 2nd place: €100 PlayStation Network credit
  • 3rd place: €50 PlayStation Network credit
  • 4th place: €20 PlayStation Network credit

The competition will end with a Grand Final, the date of which has not yet been announced. Here, game participants can win the following prizes:

  • 1st place: €500
  • 2nd prize: €300
  • 3rd: €250
  • 4th prize: €200

All Portuguese players in NBA 2K22 on PlayStation 4 are invited to participate in this tournament and must be at least 16 years old and have an active PlayStation Plus subscription.

Registration, already open, can be done in two ways: directly from the PlayStation 4 "Tournaments" area, or via the following links, where interested parties can find all the information and conditions of participation:

For more information on this contest, visit tournament page.

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