Martin Lafleur can count on his spouse to get through the mourning of his father

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Meeting on the red carpet of the film premiere confession at the Théâtre Outremont, Martin Lafleur was with his wife, Angelica; they are the parents of four-year-old Sienna-Rose. Martin named himself to us in mourning for his father, Guy Lafleur, who passed away on April 22.

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“There are good days and bad days. My lifeline is to continue my father’s works. It keeps him close to me, ”says the one who contributes to cancer research at the University of Montreal Hospital Center (CHUM). Guy Lafleur launched the Guy Lafleur Fund in March 2021 to fund cancer research. “Me and my father, we did a lot of things together, including Guy Lafleur Wines and Spirits, with our partner Gilles Chevalier, a family friend in whom we have great confidence.” The death of his father created a shock in Quebec. Martin was the first surprise of people’s response during the rim chapel and he was moved by the memories we retained of his father. “During the chapel, I was told few hockey anecdotes. They only talk to me about my father’s life stories, his encounters, his personality. His followers appreciated the person he was even more than his career. It’s unique to him, and I’m proud to continue what he started by doing my best.”

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