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  • 2022-07-22 02:27
  • Author: Solange Pinto
  • Photo author:Joao Dinis

The first of the four races that make up the Lisbon bonus for the year 2022 took place tonight at Campo Pequeno.
In the square were the knights António Ribeiro Telles, João Salgueiro, António Maria Brito Paes, João Salgueiro da Costa, Joaquim Brito Paes and António Telles Filho.
The handles of a bullfight from the cattle ranch of António Raúl Brito Paes, were in charge of the Grupos de Forcados Amadores de Montemor and Lisbon.
Campo Pequeno was full, on the night of Alternativa by Joaquim Brito Paes.

In the delicate moment that bullfighting is going through, due to the loss of values, the successive attacks of the “against” all this, and above all, the contras “from here”, the race that marked the beginning of the Lisbon season was of great importance…

To know…

Campo Pequeno is home to what it was born to do – a bullfight!

Little Field, full!

Campo Pequeno, stage of an alternative!

The first two premises do not constitute a doubt, although they want to question them, and the third, corroborates the first two. There are those who want to live from and for bullfighting.

Carry “blood of bull and gold‘ and obviously toasting his father and brother, Joaquim Brito Paes came out in the arena to tend to the first bull of his career, ‘Noitadas’, 582 kilos, collaborator qb.

Joaquim was fine and even the rains didn’t take away the merit of his performance, rewarded in music after the release of the first superb short film, with a very pronounced beat to the opposing python. The rest was in the same concept, in a complete and highly acclaimed exhibition.

THE ALTERNATIVEof course, emotional and moving, received from the hands of his brother, António Maria Brito Paes.

Recovered the shift, managed the second, Antonio Ribeiro Telles.
António received, before performing, one of the biggest ovations of the night, which took place on the occasion of the commemoration of his 39th anniversary of the alternative (cried with emotion…). Handled in crescendo, leaving after the regular long, short in the form of an artistic collection. Stunning!

Joao Salgueirothe second veteran of the cartel, managed the third well, not leaving his credits in the hands of others, having left a long second of such a high standard, that if he had played the music, no one would ‘bother him’ … The music would be heard after the first short, the first of so many others with a good note, in a fight, short, pleasant.

Antonio Maria Brito Paes he still handled the room more discreetly, excelling in regularity and accuracy in encounters and crimps.

João Salgueiro da Costa received fifth in order with great determination, dealing very short, this being the most striking and positive note of his performance, the way he played… truth to your luck.

Antonio Telles son closed with a golden key the right race, first of allowance. It went well from the first moment in the arena, but it evolved over the role and grew with him. Each short film, a lesson on the rules of etiquette in the art of bullfighting. Fantastic, with the audience standing and cheering, a round performance.

The handles were due to fame Groups of Forcados Amateurs from Montemor and Lisbon.

To the faces of bulls wearing the jackets of Montemor loverswere: Vasco Carolina, Vasco Ponce and Jose Maria Vacas de Carvalhoon the first attempt.

In the first line Lisbon loverswere: Nuno Fitaeffective the first time; Daniel Batalha, at the first sighted attempt, travel alone facing the bull; and Duarte Miraon the fifth attempt.

A beautiful bull curro from the cattle ranch was distributed Antonio Raul Brito Paes, with an unmistakable trapio, worthy of the most important arenas in Portuguese geography. In a different behavior, but in general with mobility and giving a certain emotion to the celebration.

The show was led by the technical delegate of Tauromáquica, Lara Gregório de Oliveira, assisted by the veterinarian Jorge Moreira da Silva, and a minute of silence was observed in memory of Carlos Serra, former member of the formation of forks of the capital .

In the meantime, there has been a leap into the arena of “against everything” and, in opposition, a fine toast from the Lisbon Group to all the politicians present and who support bullfighting.

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