New Netflix tests are underway to end account sharing

One of the main causes cited by Netflix for user abandonment is account sharing. this scenario was revealed during the last presentation of the results and its end has become one of the main objectives of this streaming service.

To captivate users, he tested new ways to make them pay for sharing. These experiments continue and emerge with a new model, in the process of creating the figure of the houses, where the users can have a service.

Netflix Homes shares user accounts

New Netflix tests keep emerging

It is still in the experimental phase, but there are news regarding account sharing on Netflix. The company wants to put an end to this practice or, at least, to ensure that users pay higher amounts and that it intends to be fairer.

The new tests bring users the concept of homes, being places where they can access the streaming service. Netflix gives users 1, 2, or 3 homes, depending on their plan, and these can be added at an additional cost.

Netflix Homes shares user accounts

Now there are houses that will be loaded

The tests will be carried out from August to will cost users $2.99 ​​for each additional house. The service will detect these locations and ask the user to pay the extra. This will only be charged if usage at that location exceeds 2 weeks.

If this period is exceeded, Netflix will block access to this location (home) and will only be allowed with payment of the additional amount. It should be noted that this time granted to the user will be cumulative and will count over time, even if it is frequently interrupted in this house.

Netflix Homes shares user accounts

This is the end of user account sharing

These Netflix home trials will now take place in Argentina, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. They follow other tests already in progress and which are being done in Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia where it is possible to add more users who live away from home to the account.

Netflix is ​​still looking for a user-friendly model to end account sharing. This streaming service wants to put an end to this practice and thus ensure that everyone pays a price together to have access to all the content present there. There are other models to evaluate and even plans with advertising should arrive soon.

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