MLS begins fight against anti-match: assisted footballers only return after 3 minutes – International

Measure implemented in the reserve league

MLS has announced rule changes for the Reserve League (MLS NExt Pro) for the second half of the season to monetize playing time, which in the future could be implemented in the main soccer league in the States -United.

If a player is injured and remains on the ground for more than 15 seconds, the medical team must intervene to help him. After leaving the four lines, the player must remain absent for 3 minutes before being able to return to the match. There are exceptions to this new rule: blows to the head, heart problems or serious injuries.

The idea is to limit the anti-game and avoid false injuries, often used to “run the clock”…

Another change concerns red cards. If a player is penalized a game for seeing a red card, the suspension will have to be served against the same team, in the second round or in the following season, and then they will have to serve the suspension in the first game of the following season .

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