A Golf G60 Limited is for sale, the ancestor of the Golf R of which there are only 71 copies

Known as Volkswagen Golf G60 Limited and with only 71 produced, the car we’re talking about today is the rarest sports version of the second-generation Golf.

THE second generation golf featured several sports variants. In the “base” we had the GTI, with an eight-valve engine and 112 hp and the GTI 16v which kept the engine, doubled the number of valves and saw the power increase to 139 hp.

Above these were the GolfG60, which saw the GTI’s eight-valve engine receive a supercharger and deliver 160bhp and the Golf Rallye. The latter was a homologation special with all-wheel drive, engine from the Golf G60 and square headlights from the Jetta, intended to serve as the basis for Volkswagen’s response to the success of the Lancia Delta Integrale in rallies (and sales).

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