Marc Fournier’s daughter follows in his footsteps

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This is Borough 31 who revealed to us the excellent actor that he is and who remains for a long time, in the minds of many, the policeman Yves Jacob. Having become an actor at the age of 30, Marc Fournier first completed a baccalaureate in law before touching on various trades. His journey has not been in a straight line, plus it has been particularly rewarding!

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Marc, we can see you at the theater all summer in pedal
Yes, with Stéphane E. Roy. We gave ourselves a big challenge by making the pedalo a character in itself. It’s a camera between two childhood friends, lost in the middle of the sea, who will take stock of their lives and tell each other their four truths. The pedal boat has become a circus structure, since it is suspended in the air. It’s very physical! It’s my first summer at the theater, because I often shoot during the summer.

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“It’s just love. I said goodbye to anonymity!” trust the actor about his role as Yves Jacob in District 31.

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Has your role as Yves Jacob changed the public’s gaze?
Yes, people started to recognize me. Even today, I find it difficult to measure the magnitude of this impact. People see me as if I were Yves Jacob! It’s just love. I said goodbye to anonymity. I don’t get angry for anything on the highway anymore! (Laughs) It makes me a better person. More in series, it offered me all kinds of opportunities.

Marc, who likes to create furniture, took pleasure in playing disillusioned technology teachers in Le bonheur!

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Marc, who likes to create furniture, took pleasure in playing disillusioned technology teachers in Le bonheur!

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Do you have any other projects for the start of the school year?
Yes, I turn in The perfect moments. I play a new character who meets Judith, played by Marie-Thérèse Fortin. They are going to associate with a music album. I’m very happy about it, because it allows me to make the link between my past as a musician and my job as an actor. I was able to get back to the guitar. I would also like to do cinema again — my last film dates from 2013.

Your journey has been particularly varied, in addition to the game and the music.
Yes, I took several freeway exits. (Laughs) Some have a passion and stick to it, but I needed to explore. I made good and bad choices, more in the end, these experiences made the person that I am. I liked music, gambling, social studies, manual work. Look at my head. I have a store wood with my father-in-law. We make furniture for fun. I never liked being put in a box. I like to suprin myself…

Your children seemed to follow in your footsteps. Is this still the case ?
It’s a job in the fanl you never want to push your children, since you know the ups and downs. It involves several issues… It is insecure, we are told no 9 times out of 10, and it brings about a fight between ego and humility. You have to know how to put yourself forward and keep your feet on the ground. As a parent, we don’t tell our children: “Become an actor!” ” My daughter (Zoélie Lampron-Fournier), Thursday 18 years old, had accompanied me to an audition when he was taking advantage of six years for a school work: he had to describe what his dad was doing. She got the role, but not me! She played with another dad!

His 18-year-old daughter, Zoélie, who we saw in Unit 9, plays in the new daily Indéfendable.

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His 18-year-old daughter, Zoélie, who we saw in Unit 9, plays in the new daily Indéfendable.

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And other roles followed…
Yes, she starred in unit 9. She had stopped for a while, but this year, she will turn in indefensible. I’m not saying she’s going to make a career out of it, but he has a lot of ease. If it is his choice, I will support him as much as I can. It happened to him to decline offers, and I find it perfect! She doesn’t have to say yes to everything. She studies in languages ​​and she speaks several. Her dad has changed jobs 10 times in his life, so she can do the same if she wants.

And your son, on his side?
My boy is an athlete: he needs to move. He is fascinated by the profession. He did some small roles and participated in a commercial for the bye Bye from two years ago. Afterwards, he teases me by telling me that he is a much bigger star than me since we saw him at the bye Bye! (Laughs) II at 14 years old. He enjoys his high school life and the time spent with his friends. My girlfriend, for her part, will give yoga classes for the hearing impaired at MAtv. She was a director before changing universe. She opened her yoga studio in Longueuil, Le Yoga du coin. He organizes yoga portraits around the world.

pedal runs at the Théâtre des Grands Chênes in Kingsey Falls until August 28.
The perfect moments will return in the fall, to VAT.
Marc will also be in season 2 of the comedy

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Spokesperson for the MS Mountain Bike Challenge

You are also spokesperson for this cause for a second year. Why this commitment?
We raise funds for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, an organization that funds research, programs to help people with MS and those who live with them. Each situation leads to deficits. Our healthcare system needs these caregivers. There is nothing better than relatives to know how to examine the disease of the person concerned. They need help, training, listening. These events also aim to raise awareness of the disease, which is insidious because it evolves in crises and does not affect people in the same way.

are you hit closely?
Hey. I would not have wanted to be the spokesperson for a cause with which I have no connection. My wife’s sister has suffered from the disease for several years. I know how this diagnosis impacted the lives of all his loved ones. She is at a very advanced stage. Unfortunately, there will be no turning back… It is therefore a cause that touches me closely. After that, I am linked to this event, several people around me told me to be used. However, this year, because I fell off my bike and I’m injured, I’ll be on the field, but I won’t be able to do the Challenge. It will allow me to tell people to respect their limits… (smile)

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are you a sportsman by nature?
Yes, I have always played sports. In high school and CEGEP, I played football. I won a Bol d’or in CEGEP. I would have liked to continue when I was at university, but I didn’t have the necessary size. I’ve always done martial arts, jogging, climbing, sports that require a bit of adrenaline. More currently, in the cause of my injury, I am doing physio.

To participate in the MS Mountain Bike Challenge, which will take place on August 20, or encourage a participant, visit the site

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