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By presenting the Model S Plaid, Tesla announced fabulous performance, much better than the competition. Two stood out, namely the starting ability, claiming 2.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km/his top speed of 322 km/h. But the manufacturer quickly warned that the the speed would be limited to 262 km/h (later upgraded to 282 km/h through an update live who installed the track mode), only unlocking once available tires that can withstand more than 300 km/h and more robust rims. Let’s recall here what happened in the comparison between the Model S Plaid, the Lucid Air Dream Edition and the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, still with the Tesla limited to 262 km/h:

A Canadian company specializing in setting I got tired of waiting and got to work. Ingenext, located on the outskirts of Quebec and used to dealing with Tesla software, since it installs its motors and batteries in other vehicles, had apparently already tried to access the Model S Plaid programming to remove the speed limiter, but without success. But, this time he understood fly.

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Although the Plaid in question does not yet have the new tires and rims, capable of handling the extra effort of a 23% higher speed, the limiter has been removed – under the responsibility of the owner – and the hacked software has allowed the Model S Plaid started indicating on the speedometer no less than 216 miles per hour, or 348 km/h. 26 km/h more than Tesla allows, even with new tires and rims to be homologated.


Ingenext, with a lot of practice in these trips, mounted on the hacked Plaid Michelin Super Sport tires, as well as brakes with larger discs and matching shoes, from Mountainpass Performance, with the aim of maintaining the level of safety in values acceptable, with the doubt that this will suffice. See here the video recorded by Fred Lambert, of Eletreck:

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