A few days before the wedding, Geneviève Tardif gives us details

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On June 25, Charles Hamelin and Geneviève Tardif will finally say yes. Finally, because they caused their marriage to have two reruns due to the pandemic. The couple gave us the scoop on a number of details about the event. Here are the main ones.

• On the other hand: Geneviève Tardif highlights Charles Hamelin’s last lifetime race with emotion

• On the other hand: You absolutely have to see Geneviève Tardif’s reaction when Charles Hamelin wins gold at his last Olympics

• On the other hand: Charles Hamelin trusts what he wants to pass on to his daughter as a father

“Charles was right to insist on waiting, because there will be 150 of us and all our friends could be there. We are getting married in the Eastern Townships. I also give you a little scoop about our first dance. It will take place on the song before shooting, by Claude Bégin, who will be there for the performer, and Jean-Marc Généreux has agreed to create the choreography. We went to his house to learn and practice it,” says Geneviève.

• On the other hand: Charles Hamelin and Geneviève Tardif open up about their happiness in being parents

• On the other hand: Geneviève Tardif unveils a special project

• On the other hand: Geneviève Tardif opens up on the difficulties of balancing work and family

Four days later will follow a wonderful honeymoon in Africa. “For both of them, Africa will be a first. On the menu, first South Africa, a safari and vineyards, then we will end our three-week trip to Mauritius. In short, a heavenly trip in perspective.”

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