The planets of the solar system are visible to the naked eye

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Since June 3, Friday, the planets, like Mercury, Venus, March, Jupiter and Saturn, can be seen simultaneously with the naked eye. This event will be extended until the end of June.

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So that you have the chance to contemplate such an event, the guide “Sky & Telescopeadvises finding a place where you can have a clear, low view to the east to contemplate Mercury.

Information shows that Mercury appears near the horizon line, however, it will gain height as the days pass.

You’ll have less than half an hour from when Mercury first appears above the horizon to when you’re essentially lost in the glow of the rising Sun.», Explains the guide.

However, if you still haven’t been able to witness this phenomenon, don’t be shocked! According to information, the best day for contemplating the planets will be Friday, day June 24moments before sunrise, approximately 5h05min.

This is when the planets will be at their brightest, not to mention that the Moon will be between Venus and Mars.

Even though the planets may be quite close to each other, due to the idea of ​​queuing, they are not. For Marcelo Zurita, president of the Paraiba Astronomy Association (APA) and also technical director of the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network (Bramon), the idea of ​​”alignmentarises from the fact that they orbit around the Sun in the same ecliptic plane, that is to say an imaginary line, which has the function of tracing the trajectory of the Earth around the star.

The fact that they are all on the same side of the solar system makes it possible to observe them at the same time.“, he explains. The last similar event happened 18 years ago, in March 2004.

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