Losing weight without losing muscle mass requires 4 essential treatments

How to lose weight without losing muscle mass

How to lose weight without losing muscle mass

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if you intend lose weight without losing muscle mass, Happy birthday! This is the right way to achieve a healthy physique and have a good quality of life. However, unfortunately, this is not such a simple task. After all, to eliminate body fat, you have to go into a calorie deficit – consuming fewer calories than you expend. In this way, the musculature of the body can also suffer damage.

Indeed, with the low calorie consumption, your body will have to activate other sources of energy to remain in full activity. What we want is for it to deplete fat stores, but muscle can also be consumed. “Diet-induced weight loss can also lead to loss of lean body mass, which may increase the risk of sarcopenia (weakness in muscle mass and function),” explains the nutritionist, Dr. Guilherme Giorelli.

To prevent this from happening, with the help of a specialist, we have listed four essential precautions for losing weight without losing muscle mass. Check:

1 – Do not bet only on the diet. A very common mistake of those who want to lose weight is to think that food alone will solve the problem. In fact, by eating less, you tend to lose weight. However, the practice of physical activities, in addition to speeding up the process, also prevents the loss of muscle mass and gives you a healthier appearance. “Resistance exercise improves muscle strength and preserves lean body mass, even on calorie-restricted diets,” says Dr. Giorelli.

2 – Consult a nutrition specialist. If you want to lose weight without losing muscle mass, you may need to include something in your diet. “Supplements like vitamin D and BCAAs, according to studies, can provide benefits,” warns the nutritionist.

3 – Take exams. Certain tests, in addition to monitoring overall health, can identify possible damage to muscle mass. One of them, according to the doctor, is bioimpedance.

4 – Focus on proteins. Muscle tissue is formed, among other things, by the amino acids present in proteins. Therefore, ensuring that the intake of this macronutrient is up to date is essential for losing weight without losing muscle mass. “Increasing protein intake helps preserve muscle mass,” concludes Dr. Giorelli.

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