Karine Vanasse: her son follows her on the sets

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Beautiful projects follow one another for Karine Vanasse, who is currently filming Before the crash and who will soon undertake the English adaptation of Plan B. More in between, it is on the big screen that we can see the actress, who plays game warden Émilie in the film Arsenault & Sons, a feature film that immerses us both in the unique world of poaching and in the heart of a family drama. Based in the Témiscouata region for this shoot, Karine had the chance to bring her son to the set. As for all parents, work-family balance remains at the heart of her concerns.

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Karine, Arsenault & Sons we offer a foray into the world of poaching. Isn’t it a singular universe?
Yes, and it’s nice when a film invites us to dive into a universe we don’t know. More Arsenault & Sons is not a documentary about poaching and hunting. (Editor’s note: In the film, the Arsenaults, a close-knit family, profit from illegal hunting and have been the law for several generations in a small village in Bas-du-Fleuve.) This feature film arouses curiosity: is there really in Quebec? I found it interesting that the film tackled these questions.

Arsenault & Fils also featured Luc Picard and Guillaume Cyr.

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Arsenault & Fils also featured Luc Picard and Guillaume Cyr.

It’s a universe that was foreign to you, I presume?
Absolutely Poaching is a world that I did not know, just like that of the game wardens. There are several police around me, no more game wardens. The family dynamic presented in the film is also interesting. It was precious for me to be able to participate in director Rafaël Ouellet’s project. We met in the third season of blue Moon. I was proud to participate in his return to the cinema. This is a story that he carried for several years.

In which region of Quebec was the film shot?
We toured the Témiscouata region. We’ve been there long enough for Guillaume (Cyr) bring his children and that my son also comes to spend time with my parents. We were all together and it was good for the team spirit. We were able to immerse ourselves in the environment that nurtured the director. This story comes from what he saw growing up.

Can the fact of being able to integrate your family life into your projects or not lead you to accept or refuse a project?
Hey. Work-family balance concerns us all, regardless of our profession. with Arsenault & Sons, I was able to bring my son there and show him the film set. Rafael was also there with his daughter. My job as an actress is rather abstract compared to others which are more concrete. So it was a great moment for us. I have seen several actors bring their children to the sets. It’s a chance, anyway. A tray is a real anthill. My son will see the end result in a few years, plus he may have a vague memory of what he saw. I am happy to share this experience with him.

At the announcement that Plan B will be adapted into English for the CBC report and distributed to you.
Yes, and I’m very happy about it. This is the first time that you will participate in the adaptation of a project. I’m always happy to participate in English Canadian projects that shine internationally, more and more, the concept is Quebec and arouses excitement. I will be touring with Patrick J. Adams.

• On the other hand: Karine Vanasse will be the headliner of the English adaptation of the Plan B series

Have you worked with him before or is this a first?
No, I never toured with him. He’s based in Los Angeles and his friends are people I’ve worked with or taken classes with. I find it nice to see that these universes mix. Until recently he was in a play on Broadway and I went to see him in New York. For the first time, I will shoot in English in Montreal. For work-family balance, that’s great too!

Is this still a concern?
Hey. In fact, actresses are often asked how they manage work-life balance, but I believe this question concerns all moms and parents. Everyone must do this gymnastics. The daycare my son attends offers evening service, as some parents work evenings or nights. We really benefit, whatever our profession, from talking openly about this issue. These days, realities sound different from the traditional 9 to 5.

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Do you have other projects on the agenda?
We are spinning Before the crash, the series by Éric Bruneau and Kim Lizotte. They really form a beautiful duo and make a strong entry with this first series. I’m thrilled to be part of it.

Will you be able to take a vacation during the summer?
I live in the Eastern Townships, so I feel like I’m on vacation as soon as I get off Highway 10… (smile) For the moment, I manage to take advantage of it. The pandemic has caused many of us to pay close attention to what is being done in our area. We started encouraging all kinds of initiatives. For my part, I discovered a restaurant that is really great: Parcelles, in Austin. Many shops and activities are developed in the region. Finally, it is not necessary to go very far to taste the pleasure on a daily basis.

What do you have left at this time?
I think that brought us back to a vulnerability that is common to everyone. When the sense of urgency fades, what’s left of it all? What are we going to remember? I do not know. I have lots of friends who live in the same area as me. Currently, being able to spend time with people who are important to us is already a lot. I have never seen so many shows and plays as recently. I am happy to take these opportunities. Together Living experiences is precious.

We know that you are a great traveler. Have you had the opportunity to move recently?
Passed really. I like to travel for work. For the moment, it’s not happening here anymore and that’s fine. I had a few opportunities — I went to New York in particular — and I was happy to be able to do it. The pleasure of travel lies in the fact of not having any landmarks. Cellule ensures that we are open to everything. You can cultivate that feeling here by forcing yourself to be in a state of openness.

Did you send to introduce your son to the world?
Yes, I also sent the daily opening from the grower home. Even if, with the pandemic, he does not have the chance to travel much, he lives experiences that lead him to be interested in different things.

Arsenault & Sons is in theaters across Quebec.
the series
Before the crash will be presented this fall on Radio-Canada.

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