Images of the first Super Moon of the year around the world

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The first Supermoon, or Strawberry Moon, of 2022 was seen around the world on Tuesday. In Portugal, it was possible to observe the phenomenon from 11:22 p.m. It was the first of three. The next one will be on July 13.

The natural satellite, which was 357,658 kilometers from planet Earth, appeared larger and brighter than on other days.

The next Supermoons are scheduled for July 13 and August 12.

The phenomenon occurs when the natural satellite is in the full moon phase and is close to perigee, the point where the Moon is closest to Earth.

In the United States, it is called “Strawberry supermoon” (Strawberry Supermoon) because it occurs when strawberries are harvested.

Supermoon in Liverpool, England (Photo by Peter Byrne/PA Images via Getty Images)

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