Benfica Nun’Álvares Match 3 Final Play-off

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national championship
End of roadblocks
(Game 3)
Final result
INT. 1-2
benfica 3
Nun’Álvares of them
Sarah Ferreira 6′
Sarah Ferreira 28″
Ines Fernandes 39′
Angelica Alves 3′ pb
Pisko 17′

In an electrifying atmosphere, with full capacity at Pavilion n.º 2 da Luz, the benfica beat Nun’Álvares 3-2 in the afternoon of this Thursday, June 16, in game 3 of the play-off final of the National Women’s Futsal Championship. It was until the last minute, but the eagles went past Fafe (2-1). The unprecedented Pentacampeonato is now a triumph away!

Tied, after Benfica won Game 1 in Luz and Nun’Álvares won Game 2 in Fafe, the two teams entered the field looking for leadership in this final. The Eagles entered with a change in the starting five from the previous two matches: Angélica Alves replaced Leninha; Fafe’s training has not changed. A close match was expected, without surprises and decided in detail. So that was it!

Benfica-Nun'Álvares, match 3 of the national championship play-off final

balanced start, with a lot of support from the Benfiquistas who were massively present in the stands, where President Rui Costa was also present, and the first moment of being host Benfica. At 3′, Sarah Ferreira combined with Angélica Alves, received the ball and shot well placed, but Maria Odete stopped the assault. in the same minute, on a corner hit by Pisko, Angélica Alves sent the ball into Ana Catarina’s goal and gave Nun’Álvares the lead (0-1).

After the threat, came the realization! Sara Ferreira, following a beautiful individual and well-worked movement, restored equality to Luz. 1-1 at 6′ and a lot to play…

Benfica-Nun'Álvares, match 3 of the national championship play-off final

O Benfica dominated, with more ball possession and more dangerous shots, namely at 9′, by Dricas, and at 10′, by Leninha. The latter crossed the goal of Maria Odete. It was closed! Nun’Álvares, on the other hand, tried to respond, but failed in the final pass.

O second goal of the formation of Fafe was born at 17′ from a powerful shot by Piskoslightly deflected by a foot from Inês Fernandes. Until the break, the 1-2 did not move.

To the incarnates started charging in the second part, with two glaring occasions. At minute 21, Inês Fernandes shot wide of the goal; at 23′, Leninha shot over the target. Even then, Benfica was temporarily in shorthanded after Maria Pereira sees the second yellow card in the match (the first was at 14′).

Taking advantage of the situation, Nun’Álvares ran to attack Ana Catarina’s goal, but the red goalkeeper, with two decisive saves, held the result for Benficaalthough unsatisfactory for the playoffs.

Benfica-Nun'Álvares, match 3 of the national championship play-off final

Once again with five players on the field, the tie did not take long (28′)! To conversion of sentenceafter the hand of Cátia Morgado in a dangerous ball for Maria Odete, Sara Ferreira converted and made it 2-2. Everything was open and neither team was intimidated.

Tireless, the fans pushed for Benfica and the the team responded on the fieldbut the ball did not go in. It was disputed and suffered until the last minute. THE 12 seconds left… sixth foul by Nun’Álvares, free kick from 10 meters for Glorioso! Inês Fernandes had a sovereign opportunity on her right foot and did not waste it. With a well-placed shot, the red captain gave the team a 3-2 victory!

With an advantage in the play-off (2-1), Benfica moves to the Pavilhão do Grupo Nun’Álvares, in Fafe, to play match 4, scheduled for Sunday June 19, at 4:00 p.m.

Benfica-Nun'Álvares, match 3 of the national championship play-off final


Luis Estrela (Benfica coach): “It was a game between two very strong teams. The first half was very balanced, both teams waiting for the transition. We kept calm in the second half, we went up the lines, we were more aggressive and we defended well when sent off. fair in a game that was a futsal anthem. The fans helped us, the support we experienced today is something that crosses the Club! Benfica is magic!”

Benfica captain Ines Fernandes: “The first word goes to this fantastic atmosphere we had at the Pavilion, I have never had such an atmosphere in a futsal match. We are opponents, but we are all going towards the evolution of women’s futsal. The matches have was very balanced, we conceded two goals in an unfortunate way We give a lot of goals to Nun’Álvares, who are a great team to take advantage of these situations We emerged victorious from the dismissal of Maria Pereira, fouls count and we were happy to score.”

Sara Ferreira (Benfica striker): “I want to thank this fantastic public who have not let us down, to thank the team, it is a daily struggle, a season with a lot of adversity… injuries, COVID-19, expulsions and others. We are alive It was very exhausting He said I was there, I tried to help the team I’m very happy We’re closer to the title The teams put on a great show, futsal is to be congratulated. We are trying to continue making history at this club, these are very uncertain games. We just need a win, now it’s time to recover to be complete on Sunday.”

Benfica-Nun'Álvares, match 3 of the national championship play-off final

Pavilion No. 2 da Luz
Benfica’s starting lineup
Ana Catarina, Inês Fernandes, Maria Pereira, Sara Ferreira and Angélica Alves
Marta Costa, Maria Inês Cabral, Thaila Mertins, Dricas, Catarina Lopes, Inês Matos, Leninha, Beatriz Carrola and Kalê
Nun’Álvares leaving five
Maria Odete, Pisko, Ana Pires, Catia Morgado and Carla Vanessa
Bruna Barros, Rita Mourão, Cátia Tavares, Maria Costa, Liana, Isa and Ritinha
on break 1-2
Benfica: Sara Ferreira (6′ and 28′ gp) and Inês Fernandes (39′); Scored for Nun’Álvares: Angélica Alves (3′ sc) and Pisko (17′)

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