Here’s why Charles Lafortune is moving away from social media

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In discussion with Patrice Bélanger on the show Sweety saltyCharles Lafortune opened up about his return to hosting The voice in the fall after two years of absence and on the distance he now has from social networks.

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Indeed, with the post-covid era, the aggressiveness present on social networks has forced the host of The voice to reflect and, ultimately, to be less present on its platforms.

“There is a certain aggressiveness on social networks”, raises Charles Lafortune in his interview with the host of the daily newspaper.

His revelation created a complete surprise for Patrice Bélanger, who did not expect that at all from his guest.

“Wait, help! Charles Lafortune picks up? While I’m coming, you’re leaving?” teases Patrice Bélanger, referring to son recently arrived on Instagramone after coming to Facebook.

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Charles Lafortune clarifies his thinking by explaining that he remains present on his platforms, but much less involved than before.

“I will be more soft. I’m going to say what I do, the business we produce, what’s new. More, astheureI’m not going to give my opinion anymore.

For fear of being misquoted, contradicted or even insulted for a comment as banal as “I like cactus”, the producer of the series alerts prefer if distancing networks.

Here is the full excerpt here:

Enter in the last pagesCharles named being feverish about returning to the animation of The voice and to discover three new coaches, Mario Pelchat, Marjo and Corneille, who will join Marc Dupré.

At the same time, for now, his life as a producer does not allow him to take long vacations, with the production of the novelty Anna and Arnaud and the sequel toalerts.

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