Sonia from 5 guys for me had to keep her love secret for 7 and a half months

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This Thursday was broadcast the last episode of the first season of 5 guys for me.

We then learned that Sonia had found love on the show in the person of Francis.

On social media, she writes:

We were the second to shoot our week and the last to be broadcast!!!

This beautiful adventure took place for us at the end of October 2021.

Already 7 1/2 months have passed after our release from the show.

Already 7 1/2 months since I met Francis♥️

7 1/2 months to remain silent without being able to appear!

7 1/2 months to love each other, to live ups and downs and to adapt. Realize that it is possible!!! Despite the distance, despite different lives and an unusual meeting in a TV show!!! Love was there and grew 🥰🥰


5GPM will have allowed me to find love more also old beautiful friendships!

Finally, THANK YOU for following our adventures and for your kind words! ♥️ »

let’s remember that 5 guys for me formed 3 couples during this first season; the first in the show and the second during the broadcast.

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