THE BALL – A Tottenham player was the target of a robbery in Brazil (with shooting) (Tottenham)

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At the end of his first season at Tottenham, the Brazilian side Emerson Royal took the opportunity to enjoy a few days of vacation in his country and did not win for fear.

“After leaving an event, the security guard who recognized him asked to take pictures with him and offered to drive him to his car. It was then that Emerson Royal suffered the theft, under the threat of a weapon, where the thief demanded his watch and other belongings,” said the player’s manager, Emerson Zulu, who was with the player at the time of the theft.

“When the bandit noticed security approaching, we only remembered the firefight and dodged. I think Emerson pulled me, I don’t remember well, everything was very fast and the adrenaline was rising.

Also according to his manager, the 23-year-old is doing well and has already been heard by the police.

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