Preview of the Benfica FC Porto final

This Saturday, June 4, at 3:00 p.m., all roads lead to the Fidelidade Pavilion. basketball teams benfica and FC Porto kicked off the Betclic League play-off final, and Norberto Alves and Tomás Barroso kicked off the classic.

the red trainer, Norbert Alvesrevealed that “the routine is no different”, despite the importance of the moment of competition, and acknowledged that having the support of the Benfiquistas “is an extra help”.

“It’s obvious that it’s a play-off final, we will play with a team that has a lot of quality, but the routine is no different. We look at our opponent’s game philosophy, their strengths and how we cancel them out, see what we can harness to win and define a game plan,” he stressed, in statements made to BTV.

The two teams have already played several matches in 2021/22, they know each other well, but there is always room to put in place aspects that can surprise the opponent.

“That much, all teams try to introduce something new. We’re no exception and they should be too, but these are minor tweaks. When we want to bring too many surprises, we lose our philosophy of play,” he said.

Norbert Alves

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The blues and whites form a quality set that bets on the physical component of the game. The coach knows this and mentioned the solidarity between the players and the support of the public in the stands as points that can help the eagles to triumph.

“FC Porto is a strong and disciplined team tactically, very physical to defend. It’s a team that carries a lot of offensive rebounds, and in this play-off the fight for the tables is very important. Is important we don’t run away from our characteristics, in terms of wanting to play and run. we have to be Very encouraging. We fought hard to have the advantage of the field, we know that let our fans with us and that’s extra help. It’s fundamental that boys believe a lot and believe in each other, because that’s a team”, analyzed Norberto Alves.

Tomas Barroso

Benfica’s captain Tomas Barrosoalso anticipated the duel with the rival and stressed the importance of taking the lead in Game 1.

“IT IS extremely important to start winning, mentally, especially at home. Even for the fans and also for the team, the first victory is extremely important, because we mark a position and show that we want to win this final,” he said.

The base also highlighted the physical component of FC Porto and gave the recipe for the reds not to be surprised.

“FC Porto is a extremely aggressive team and who combines that with tactical discipline. He has a team with very tall and talented players. We have to know how to live with it, mark our position, be aggressivestop their counterattack and their inside thrusts. We must be ourselves, not lose our DNA, balance between individual actions and collective actions. we have to be consistent within 40 minutes, focused and unitedbecause the final is very long”, he underlined.

Tomas Barroso

The game is up to Luz and Tomás Barroso invited Club members and supporters to fill the Fidelidade Pavilion and create a positive atmosphere for the team.

We want the Pavilion full, stuffed, full to bursting. Put this flag full of Benfiquistas, because it will give us extra motivation and energy that will make all the difference”, assumed the number 21.

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