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Customers only need to download the app or scan the QR code at the store entrance, remove the products from the shelves, automatically completing their purchase. The technology will allow automatic payment, being associated with a credit card.

The new store has 20 square meters and a portfolio of convenience products for immediate consumption, such as healthy snacks, energy bars, sweets and drinks, among others. Later, the aim is to also add chilled products, including healthy meals, ice cream and cold drinks.

“We are very happy to launch this pioneering project for our customers in collaboration with Sensei. This new smart store, which can be transported to any part of the Iberian Peninsula, allows us to offer an offer adapted to local events, facilitating the user experience – simplicity and speed”, comments Teresa Abecasis, administrator of Galp.

For his part, Vasco Portugal, CEO of Sensei, underlines how proud they are to be “at the forefront of autonomous innovation in Europe”, especially in “areas where people will really benefit from it on a daily basis”.

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