Gasoline will rise and diesel will fall! know how much

The price of fuel continues with several oscillations and this week there are still changes. Gasoline will go up, but diesel should go down.

We also know that the Government should not modify the FAI unit price applicable to diesel for this Monday. Find out how much you’ll pay per liter of petrol and diesel this week.

Fuels: Gasoline will rise and diesel will fall!  know how much

Fuels: Gasoline is expected to increase by 5.6 cents and diesel is expected to decline by 4.6 cents.

From this Monday, government forecasts indicate that petrol will rise by 5.6 cents, while diesel is expected to fall by 4.6 cents. As mentioned, the government must maintain the ISP applicable to diesel.

Taking into account the prospect of price developments next week, the government determines the reduction of the FAI rate of 1.2 cents per liter of gasoline, effective from the second following Monday.

Taking into account the joint effect of VAT and the taxation of ISPs, the decision translates into a reduction in the tax burden of 1.5 centimes per liter of petrol

Fuels: Gasoline will rise and diesel will fall!  know how much

It should be recalled that last week the ERSE announced that the average national selling prices of gasoline and diesel were higher than the average values ​​practiced in the European Union, in the first quarter.

According to the price bulletin, in the case of regular petrol 95, in the first three months of the year, the national average selling prices (PMV) were above the EU-27 average, which places it in eighth position among the countries with the highest rates of prices.

Thus, including taxes, the PMV in Portugal for gasoline 95 amounted to 1.825 euros per liter, higher than the 1.645 in the EU and the 1.617 registered in Spain. However, disregarding taxes, Portugal had a PMV 2.5 cents per liter lower than Spain.

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