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Several symptoms of Covid-19 have been studied and revealed to date. Some signs may be physical, appearing as symptoms of sickness. Others are more a sign of stress after the body has tried to fight off the virus.

One of these signs was reported by Tim Spector, professor of epidemiology at King’s College London and co-founder of the ZOE Coronavirus Symptoms Research Project, where he discusses the term ‘Nails Covid” or “Nails Covid”

As described by the doctor, changes in this region of the body can be recognized as a sequela of the coronavirus infection, maintained even after recovery. Even in the comments of your post, many people confirmed the variation.

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Called by the covid nail teacher, this sign is known to science as ‘Beau lines’. The depression covers the nail horizontally and may appear as a nail-like or whitish color.

It should be understood that the symptom does not exclusively indicate that you have been infected with covid, but a response of the body to a situation of stress, systemic inflammation or even after the use of certain drugs, such as chemotherapy .

“It is well known that any type of systemic disease can impair nail growth, which can result in abnormalities in their appearance,” explained Amesh A. Adalja, a physician and academic at the Institute. Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, at Magazine Health.

As explained, just as the lines have been identified in people with coronavirus, they have also been seen in patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments. In the post above, Dr. Cooper explains that each visible line on the nail corresponds to a dose of chemotherapy.



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