NOS launches safe browsing service for €0.99/month

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The area of ​​cybersecurity has acquired enormous importance due to all the attacks that have happened to companies installed in our country, but also a little because of what is happening on a global scale.

In this sense, companies have also created solutions aimed at user security. NOS today announced the first service on the market that protects the fixed and mobile network.

    NOS just launched a safe browsing service for online threats

NOS - Secure Browsing Service

On the occasion of World Internet Day and in a context where digital security is increasingly relevant, NOS is launching the Safe Navigation service, designed to protect Portuguese families when using the Internet. This solution offers the first line of defense against online threats, ensuring secure browsing inside and outside the home, on mobile and fixed networks and in any browser.

Developed in partnership with Cisco, Safe Browsing is simple, secure, and convenient. Compatible with all operating systems, it does not require the installation of applications and software and has no impact on Internet performance, both in speed and latency.

    NOS just launched a safe browsing service for online threats

Among the various features, the service is equipped with Intelligent Blocking, an algorithm developed by Cisco, which constantly monitors threats and automatically updates the database of malicious websites. Thus, an analysis is carried out each time NOS customers access a new website and, in the event that it is flagged as dangerous, access to it is immediately blocked, in order to protect customers from NOS against cyberattacks and threats such as viruses, phishing and malware. .

Safe Browsing applies to any device – be it a smartphone, tablet or computer – connected to the NOS network, in two different services: protection on the mobile network and protection on the fixed network. In the first case, the solution identifies and blocks threats directly on the NOS mobile network, and the customer can change equipment and maintain protection, as long as the number associated with the service remains the same. In the case of the fixed network, multi-user protection works at the residential level, protecting all equipment connected to the fixed network and the customer's Wi-Fi.

Available to all NOS customers with a fixed and/or mobile Internet contract, membership does not require loyalty and has a free 30-day trial period. Secure Navigation for Mobile is available for €0.99 per month for each mobile card, and Secure Navigation for Fixed for €2.99 per month.

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