To Lucas: After detecting a case of rabies in bats, residents must be vigilant

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The Ministry of Health of Lucas do Rio Verde reported on Monday afternoon (09) the results of a case of animal rabies in a bat. The infected animal was captured in a residence in the Pioneiro district. Therefore, the community must be vigilant of pets, such as dogs and cats.

According to Health Surveillance, certain precautions must be observed by the population. One of them concerns pets. Domesticated dogs and cats are vaccinated against rabies. If a bat is found, people should not approach the animal. If caught, the bat should be placed in an appropriate container to prevent it from escaping. Buckets or boxes are ideal for this purpose.

“We advise you, in the event of possible exposure to the rabies virus and/or contact with the animal, to wash the area immediately with soap and water and to contact a health center for care, if necessary, an application of vaccine or anti-rabies serum,” points out Health Surveillance Supervisor Claudia Engelmann.

The supervisor also mentions that human rabies is one of the oldest and most feared infections and that it is transmitted to humans when the saliva of the infected animal comes into contact with the damaged skin or mucous membrane, by biting, scratching or licking the animal.

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Seal access to ceilings

Confirmation of the positive case was made by Indea. The captured animal was sent for laboratory analysis.

Indea veterinarian Clodomiro Reverdito reinforced the need for an alert if a bat is found in the Pioneiro neighborhood. It recalls that the risk of animals finding refuge in the interior walls of dwellings must be avoided. “The biggest problem is not allowing them to be sheltered, to insulate the coverings of the house,” he explains.

Reverdito mentions that these bats feed on insects and/or fruit and can move in a radius of up to 10 km.

Although it is a nocturnal animal, the bat was captured during the day. He was trying to bite a pet.

According to the Health Surveillance Secretariat, a second bat was captured. He was found dead. The technicians sent the animal for analysis at the laboratory.

According to Surveillance, each contact situation must be assessed by the Health team.

In Lucas do Rio Verdethere were no cases of rabies in bats, with only one positive case of rabies in cattle diagnosed in 2019.

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